What Sparks My Interest?

Hands-on crafts, especially paper crafts involving photos I’ve taken, and making greeting cards, bring me great satisfaction. I hope to share pictures of a few I’ve created.

Laughter heals and invigorates me. Share with me jokes, puns, ironies, witticisms, cleverness, humor, drollery, jests, tongue-in-cheek, banter, facetiousness, whimsy, farce, spoofs, playfulness and I’ll ROTFLOLAOTP. From The Far Side style to Kids Say the Darnedest Things. Stay on the cleaner side, please. Kindhearted irreverence is acceptable.

An invitation for an unhurried walk through a nature preserve or botanical gardens under huge trees (I ♥ trees) on a cool day will get me outdoors but don’t ask me to go camping (unless it’s in an RV with working lavatory) or rock climbing. I love hearing your stories about your camping experiences though and looking at your amazing photos of scenery, people and animals.

I love to write—creative non-fiction, fiction, autobiographical. I write in order to see what I’m thinking. Some stories I’ve written can be found here and you may click on any title in the list to read them:

Reading is essential for me. So essential that “Literature that Kindles My Mind” must have its own page.

Hats intrigue me and I have collected a few. My post Mad Hatter will tell you more about that. In my blog posts every now and then you will see photos of me modeling my hats. They don’t get out as often as they’d like. It does them good to get an airing. 

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