Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Not That One

My delight is five-fold in hosting a guest blogger today.
·        Delight #1:  She is the granddaughter of Francine Arnold, author of Not My Will, one of the first Christian novels I ever read and loved.
·        Delight #2:  Her talent as a fictional writer, in her own right, earns my high admiration.
·        Delight #3:  She offered to lend her exceptional talent to a post over here in my little corner.
·        Delight #4:  After giving her a few topical options, she chose hats (ecstatic sigh).
·        Delight #5:  Although not having read my Mad Hatter post, her fictional story reflects a glimmer of that experience, so to me this is a divinely-inspired piece.

Please help me welcome the one-and-only Jan Ackerson. And would you do me the honor of showing her your appreciation by visiting her blog One Hundred Words as soon as you can. Thank you and enjoy.

Not That One

On Sunday mornings, Betty stood with her mother at her closet, watching as she picked the hat she’d wear to church. There were four hat boxes—a white one, a blue striped one, a yellow one, and one with a red ribbon. Mother never picked the yellow one.

“Which hat today, Little Bee?”

Betty took her mother’s gloved hand and played with the pearl button at her wrist. “Mama, the yellow one?”

Her mother laughed. “Not that one, Bee.” She took the hat from the striped box.

“Why not, mama?”

Her mother paused, her hand at her throat. “Not that one.”

(Aaagh! Embarrassing update: I misspelled Jan's grandmother's name. It's actually Francena H. Arnold. I knew that; the book is on my bookshelf. Apologies galore.)


  1. Love the secret quadrants of a woman's heart.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! I'm honored with your taking time to comment here.

      When I first read Jan's story I pictured an adult Betty and today when I read it, I pictured Betty as a child. And maybe she is both. Either way, it seems to me Betty longs to know her mama's heart.

  2. I love this visual of secrets we hold in our hearts. Sometimes too dear, other times to painful to share. Just like those who love us long to know our hearts, God wants us to open our hearts to Him. Jan says so much with so few words.

    1. A visual of secrets. I like that.

      I love how Jan's few words invite the reader to engage their own imaginations, making for a rich experience.

      Thanks so much, Rita, for stopping by. Please come often. :)